Solar Tax Credits


Solar Income Tax Credits

Income tax credits are government subsidies that reduce the initial cost of solar equipment. They are credits against your annual tax bill; they are not deductions. This page contains links to information and assistance for federal & state income tax credits that apply to residential renewable energy equipment. For example, a taxpayer may claim a federal income tax credit of 30% (recently renewed until 2020) of qualified expenditures for a solar system that serves a dwelling unit located in the United States.

  • DSIRE SOLAR — Database of both state and federal income tax incentives for renewable energy (solar equipment) and energy efficiency (products that save energy)
  • The Tax Incentive Assistance Project (TIAP) — The Tax Incentives Assistance Project gives consumers and businesses the information they need to make use of federal tax incentives
  • Energy Star — Itemized federal tax credits for energy efficient household products and technologies

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