Solar Workshop Details – 2016


Crestone Solar School

551 Panorama Way/PO Box 73, Crestone, CO 81131

(719) 256-4656/(719)-588-5521

Solar Heating, Solar Electric (PV)

and Natural Building Workshops


Summer 2016 in Crestone, CO


How To Register see Calendar & Orientation below

Download & Print the Registration Form Here

We will create a Solar Village environment for our learning experience. Class size is limited and early registration is encouraged to reserve your place.


Summer 2016 Crestone Solar School workshop schedule:

May 26 – 29 workshop: $750 – Early registration (received before April 27) $800 – Late registration (received after April 26)

June 16 – 19 workshop: $750 – Early registration (received before May 17) $800 – Late registration (received after May 16)

July 14 – 17 workshop: $750 – Early registration (received before June 15) $800 – Late registration (received after June 14)

August 21 -24 workshop: $750 – Early registration (received before July 22) $800 – Late registration (received after July 21)



This page includes many orientation instructions and suggestions. Please read it through carefully and entirely. It contains Curriculum Information, Enrollment & Cancellation Policies, Advanced Preparation Suggestions, What To Bring list, and Arrival & Departure Suggestions.

Enrollment & Cancellation Policy

Workshops are open to all on a first-come basis. Class size is limited and early registration is encouraged to reserve your place.

The full workshop fee is due one month in advance. If you cancel up to 30 days prior to the workshop, 50% of your tuition is non-refundable. If you cancel within 30 days of the start of the workshop, your full workshop fee is non-refundable. A written cancellation request is required.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop due to insufficient enrollment or for any other reason. If that occurs, you will receive a full refund of your paid workshop fee.

Note: Please make Airline Reservations after your scheduled workshop is confirmed.

Advanced Preparation Suggestions

Please review your high school math about fractions, and become familiar with how they operate. We will work a lot with the principle of fractions as we learn and practice the units of energy. Using these basic building blocks is where some participants have gotten slowed down a bit in previous workshops.
Be prepared!

It will be helpful if you read through all or at least some of Paul’s articles about solar applications found at. You will find them under “Paul’s Solar Articles” under the Resources tab at the top of the website.


Crestone Solar School workshops are presented in two parts, balanced between essential design knowledge and learning-by-doing. These are enhanced by visual aids and tours.

Workshop fee includes course materials including a textbook with blank pages for your notes. The workshop curriculum will go in-depth as much as four days allows.

Essential Design Knowledge

  •  Heat Transfer, Building Load Estimation Methods, Thermal Storage, Sun Angles, Solar Radiation Availability, Climate.
  •  Energy Conservation techniques
  •  Passive and active solar heating for residences
  •  Solar domestic hot water
  •  Solar radiant floor Design
  •  Solar greenhouse
  •  Straw bale construction details
  •  Earth construction techniques
  •  Introduction to Photovoltaics (PV)
  •  Solar Economics including Tax Credits & Rebates
  •  Adobe floor construction techniques
  •  Earthen plasters and “alis” coatings
  •  Rammed Earth for walls

Hands-on Projects will touch upon these subject:

  •  Learning how to build a flat plate solar collector
  •  Learning how to build a thermos-siphon solar water heater
  •  Solar temperature measurement
  •  Solar performance evaluation
  •  Solar system components (piping, pumps, controls)
  •  Adobe clay ingredients, recipes and mixtures
  •  Adobe floor model construction
  •  Straw bale construction methods
  •  Earthen plasters for straw bale walls
  •  Alternative Energy house tours
  •  Design review for selected participants plans

What To Bring

Since onsite outdoor camping accommodations (bathroom and shower available) and all meals are provided, this list of suggestions addresses those situations.

  •  Waterproof tent, ground cloth and sleeping bag
  •  Sleeping pad and pillow
  •  Personal water bottle
  •  Cushion to sit on
  •  Flashlight (no candles)
  •  Umbrella and rain jacket
  •  Insect repellent/bug spray
  •  Sunscreen for high altitude
  •  Toilet articles and towel
  •  Calculator
  •  Notebook, pens and sticky notes
  •  Work clothes and sun hat
  •  Sunglasses for 8000 ft altitude
  •  Hiking boots or equivalent
  •  Cool evenings jacket
  •  Whistle
  •  Bowl, plate, cup and eating utensils and cloth napkins
  •  Please do not bring dogs or other pets, alcohol, drugs or firearms

To register, please print out the Registration Form, fill in the info and send it in with your payment via postal mail.


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