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“I really appreciated attention to my own solar home project. I will be able to apply all that I’ve learned to my project and future projects, and I will be able to make good choices about how to build.” — Donald H., Del Norte, CO

“Paul Shippee designed a solar heating system addition for us that went active in February of 2012.  The system ties in to the radiant heat tubes in our floors and heats our domestic water—which was exactly what we wanted the system to do.  It’s been fun seeing our propane bills drop as our comfort level has risen.  To hear the system turn on, knowing the sun is heating our water and our space, brings a smile to my face.  Paul is very knowledgeable in the solar energy field and set us up with a great system that not only works well, but has been simple to maintain.  After a few initial tweaks, it basically does its thing and we leave it alone.” –Patti Hastreiter, Howard, CO

“When I decided to build a solar heated home in Colorado, I researched different approaches and settled on the drain back system.  I am happy that I did.  The drain back has been a wonderful system for us…efficient and relatively easy to maintain. As important, was the space design process that we engaged in. I was interested in an artistically pleasing, energy efficient, passive solar design, and that is exactly what was ultimately envisioned and created by a three person team that included our design/build person, myself, and Paul Shippee our solar designer/installer.  I enjoyed creating our ideal space together over the course of the pre-construction period of several months, and throughout the building process as well.  What resulted was a very efficient and beautiful space that met all the requirements of my family.” –Rebecca Owens,Salida, CO

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